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abstract art


Wassily Kandinsky is called the father of Modern Art. He was Russian by birth and his paintings are displayed in their chronological order in the Lenbachchaus Museum of Munich. His style evolved into semi-abstract and progressed to abstract gradually.
Abstract art does not try to copy or relate with any external object. It is a completely subjective form of art. The composition is depicted through the intrinsic qualities of its form and colour through support-materials.

Abstract painting is elusive and difficult because it demands the skills of a skilled draftsman, a sensibility for colour composition and vision. Piet Mondrian gave a geometrical dimension to abstract art because of his exposure to cubism in France. He is an important presence in the world abstract art painting.

Visuals of emotional experiences, spiritual insights, sounds and mental states are also depicted through the abstractions of modern art through figures. In these reality is simplified by depiction of essences by eliminating objective details.

It is an art which breaks away from its creator and has a pulsing life of its own when displayed. It has to be intellectually interpreted and emotionally felt to be understood.




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