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African art


  As is obvious by its name, any art having Africa as its place of birth is African art.
Africa is a huge continent which is home to millions and consequently, its art is diverse and cannot be generalized with ease. It however shows what is seen in most other walks of life – a unity in diversity. It has some distinct characteristics which furnish it with this unity and mark it as ‘African Art’. Most objects produced by African artists have one common purpose, that is, to be used. Very little African Art is purely ornamental. Small objects like comps, pots, textiles etc are artistically designed.
African society provides scope for innovation rather than requiring its artists to conform to a particular style of the area.

African artists are more inclined towards three dimensional artworks than two dimensional ones, especially sculpture. African house paintings, wrapped around a house which a viewer must take in by walking around it exemplify this inclination perfectly. More than one meaning can generally be derived from an African work of art. The aforementioned inclination of African artists to more real feeling art leads them to emphasize greatly on performing arts such as dances. Masks of Africa, often used in dances, are unique.

The earliest examples of African Art are 6000 year old carvings preserved in the Sahara (Niger) in African rock art. Legendary American artists like Modillian, Picasso and Matisse were greatly inspired by African sculpture and design.
Zerihun Yetmgeta, Lubiana Himid, Odhiambo Siangle, Bill Bidjocka and Olu Oguibe are some famous contemporary African artists.




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