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abstract paintings

Abstract paintings refer to paintings that depict themes in a non-representational manner. In this art form, objects are not represented by pictures of themselves but rather by patterns, designs or splashes of color that give a general idea of what they may be.

Abstract art should however be differentiated from commercial art in that the design is not the central focus of an abstract painting. Viewers of the abstract piece of art are required to absorb the color scheme or pattern before them and understand what the artist has attempted to depict. Abstract flower paintings for instance would not actually have pictures of flowers but rather may be seen as splashes of color that create the feel of the object.

Abstract art paintings and interpretations thereof are non-figurative. This makes such art very difficult to comprehend and through the years, abstract art has had to put up with its share of criticism. In fact, people who could not understand the art form, at first refused to acknowledge the genius of famed artists like Picasso, Monet and Cezanne. However, in recent years more and more people have developed an understanding and thereby a respect for abstract paintings and works of art.
Although this popular art form is commonly believed to have emerged in recent years, the truth is that many abstract oil paintings, abstract watercolor paintings, abstract acrylic paintings and abstract landscape paintings can be dated back to ancient times and cultures. Even the ancient art of calligraphy evolved as a non-figurative art form. Some famous abstract Picasso paintings included Picasso’s, ‘Boat’ and his cubist, ‘Seated woman’.

Modern abstract paintings as were created in the early part of the twentieth century basically fell into one of two groups. There was the Constructivist group of artists who believed that art should reflect the goals and mindsets of the culture. This group often resorted to machines and photography to depict their subject.  Members of the second group only used conventional means of artistry such as sculpture and painting to create their abstract art works.

Because abstract art is non-representational, many people find it hard to understand this kind of art. Abstract paintings are different from conventional photographic-art, where a picture or painting seems almost akin to a photograph. Abstract works, in contrast, have a mere splash of colors and paints that do not look like any specific thing, which make them very hard to comprehend.

Abstract works of art fall into two categories. These categories are linked to the themes of the paintings. While the first category includes nature as a central theme, the second category includes themes that revolve around objects. Abstract works of art of the first category are relatively easier to understand as despite the fact that the picture does not specifically look like something, one can easily get an idea of the scenery or landscape. The Rhinoceros created from scrap metal made by one of India’s most respected abstract artists stands at Nariman Point in Mumbai ( India) as testimony the popularity of abstract art in Mumbai.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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