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An art dealer, not excluding art glass dealers, corporate art dealers, fine art dealers or International art dealers must be sought out with care and caution. This is because whether you are a buyer or an artist, you have to depend on the integrity and reliability of these dealers when you get into an art-related transaction.

All around the globe whether you are dealing with foreign art dealer or Indian art dealers, you may encounter or may have already come across dealers who you feel have not done the right thing by you. You may not be happy with your purchase or feel that you were over-charged for it. Likewise, if you are an artist, you may have dealt with a dealer who has not made your payments on time or is not being absolutely forthright with you. These are some problematic situations that you can avoid by taking a few precautions.

For one thing, it is advisable to deal with someone of repute. You should enquire about art dealers and try and get the general consensus about the business practices of a dealer before initiating contracts or transactions. If it is your very first meeting with a dealer, allow your instincts to work for you. You would be surprised at how accurate your own gut feelings can be when detecting the true nature of a person. In any event, despite the dealerís existing reputation or your instinct, always make an effort to ensure that all documents and dealings are clear. There should be no ambiguity as far as the wordings of any contracts. This is especially so at the start of a dealer-artist or dealer-client relationship.

Nowadays, because of the rapidly expanding art industry and a burgeoning number of dissatisfied artist and clients, one can also avail of societal tools like the fine art dealers free appraisal to ensure that art is being correctly priced. An art dealer gallery can also be recommended by the art dealers association. 

Artists can also use the art dealers association to gather information about a particular gallery like what kind of art has been displayed there in the past and how the sales were. They can understand what themes were popular and whether particular sizes of art work had a greater demand. That way they can assess the tastes of the clientele that may be visiting their exhibition, which would go a long way when it came down to actual sales.

To summarize, here are the points you need to consider.
* The art dealer or galleryís reputation in the art market. How long has the dealer been in the business?
* Information about their previous exhibitions. What kind of artwork is most appreciated by visiting clientele and what are the budget constraints?
* The dealerís past experiences with other clients or artists. Are they happy with their dealings with this gallery or dealer?
* The dealerís reputation for how or she maintains an after-sales relationship. Will he or she re-sell or re-purchase a work of art that he or she sold to you?

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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