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Art galleries are rooms or halls where paintings or other works of art may be exhibited for the sake of public viewing or for the purpose of sale. In India, with the boom of the art industry, there has been a radical increase in the number of Indian art galleries that have sprung up in major cities around the Indian sub-continent. However, in India the distinction between types of galleries is not as clearly defined as it is in other parts of the world. Indian galleries may be used to exhibit any form of art and are rarely limited to or specifically dedicated to any one genre.

This may be because Art in India is just at a developmental stage. It is a relatively new industry and people have only recently started to take a serious look at this field and started thinking of art as an investment opportunity as well. In countries where art has thrived for several hundreds and thousands of years, like in Europe and America, art galleries are especially designed rooms, styled in a way as to present specific art forms to their best advantage. In such countries a typical modern art gallery could be a gothic art gallery, an airbrush art gallery, a 3d art gallery or galleries may even be digital art galleries or comic art galleries.

Such specialized art galleries are created and managed by authorities or people who are extremely well-informed in that particular field of art. Specialized art galleries may also deal with specific topics like folk art or may have exhibitions on the art from a specific era or from a specific part of the world.

It is the usual practice for art that is exhibited at art galleries to be offered up for sale. However, in some rare cases or occasions, exhibitions may be purely for the purpose of viewing.  Such exhibitions may include costly works and pieces of masters that are not affordable to the common person. And even if the works of art in an exhibition are for sale, the art gallery owner or manager may mark off certain pieces which are not. This is the owner or manager’s prerogative.

One does not need to visit art galleries only when one is looking to buy a piece-of-art however. Art galleries are great places to learn about art. One can develop an understanding of what elements make good art, how color can be used to create moods, what themes and styles are popular or which artists’ works are most sought-after.

One can also find out and get an idea of which artists’ works are viewed as ‘under-priced’ or are which artists are gaining popularity or are ‘up-coming artists’. Once one is equipped with this knowledge, one can make a more informed purchase and thereby make an investment into an artwork of their choice. It may also be a good idea to surf online art galleries as these galleries offer a much more extensive knowledge of art.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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