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Painting and art has been around since ancient times when pre-historic man would mix vegetable or plant pigments to make paints. In those days however, earthy colors were popular and shades of red, brown and black were commonly used in artistry. If you are interested in art and want to take it up yourself, there are a few basic items that you would need to understand about before you visit an art supplies store. These items would typically be listed in an art supplies catalog and are crucial art education supplies.

Cheap art supplies are great for beginners as some art and art framing supplies can be very expensive and hence best left for professionals or people with sufficient expertise on the subject. Discount art supplies are available in market-places in India. There are also, specific markets for art supplies in various different Indian cities. One could also buy art supplies online but as with all online shopping, one should be vary of giving out their credit card details on the internet. Always ensure you are using a secure website.

Here are some of the most important art supplies you will need to know about.
No discussion on the subject of paints is complete without the proper explanation on the subject of brushes. Paints and brushes are complimenting terms, almost incomplete without each other. This is why almost every set of paints includes a brush. In olden days, it was not uncommon for bird-feathers to be used as brushes to apply paint.

The first paintbrushes were thereafter made of animal hair and some paintbrushes are still made from the hair of camels. However, today synthetic-hair varieties of brushes are also available. Choosing the thickness or size of your brush is as important as the actual painting. An artist should ideally have a variety of different-sized brushes to suit different paintings and styles.

Acrylic paint was created several decades ago, when outdoor mural painters in Mexico felt the need for a decoration-medium that would withstand nature’s harshest elements. Eventually, their experiments yielded a resin-water mixture that was similar to oil paints but dried faster and seemed to be more resilient. Of all art supplies, oil paints are most similar to acrylic paints but the latter are still the best media to decorate or paint stone, clay or cement.

Wax crayons are also a popular coloring tool, and these were first manufactured in America. Contrary to popular belief, crayons are still an integral part of art, and not just meant for children. Toady, wax crayon sets have a variety of colors and oil crayons are also available, which may even be blended into a painting using some water or other medium.

Oil paints, which grew popular in the fifteenth century, afforded artists a much greater freedom to experiment with styles and strokes. These paints are usually mixtures of pigment colors and either linseed oil or an alternate oil medium. The advantage of using this tool is that it is easy to control and alter as it takes time to dry.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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