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decorative painting

Decorative paintings are paintings or art work that is produced on furniture or different items in order to beautify them. Naturally as painting on different objects requires the artist to work on different materials, there are many techniques which can be used for decorative painting. For instance the technique employed for creating a decorative painting of concrete floor may be similar to that used to create a decorative wall painting but may be quite different for the technique that would be employed to do decorative tole painting or painting on a piece a plastic box or a wooden chair. Decorative tole painting is a folk art, which involves decorative painting on household items like pots and pans made of tin or metal.

In decorative painting books, one would find these various techniques for painting on different materials. Such books are especially handy for newcomers in the field of decorative painting. In recent years, decorative painting has become popular as a hobby or as a means of self-ex-pression. However, as an art form, decorative painting has been carried out for centuries in almost every culture of the world. Decorative painting has now been segregated into different categories to make things easier for the layman interested in this form of art and ex-pression. One has the option to choose between decorative interior painting, decorative country painting and decorative rustic painting for example.

Decorative painting patterns can be created using oil paints or acrylic paints but the most popular technique involves using acrylic gouache. These are non-toxic, water-based paints and hence make cleaning of brushes and materials easier. However, they are not like oil paints in that they have the disadvantage of drying faster. People who are used to working with water colors may not see that as a disadvantage though. There are several other items that are required to make decorative patterns.

These items must also be part of your decorative painting kit.
* Mediums such as an extender or retarding agent
* A range of brushes and tools to create a variety of strokes
* Blending mediums and blending gel
* Thickener for the paints
* Pastes that can alter and enhance the paint texture

Decorative artists must carefully think of the patterns they want to create as they work on three-dimensional objects and thus the patterns must go around the object with uniformity. This can be much more difficult than it seems and novices should avail of free decorative painting patterns which can be recommended in books or on websites before they embark upon their first few projects.

To choose an object to paint decoratively, one can use any household item and get started. Some artists prefer to buy specific objects with the specific intent of painting them. If that is your preferred style of working, you can find interesting objects in markets to try your hand at decorative painting. Feel free to adopt symbols and International patterns into your art and do not forget to experiment on different materials as that is the best part of decorative painting.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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