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giclee prints

The word ‘giclee’ is a French word. It means a spray of liquid and is derived from the French verb for ‘to spray’.  Originally the art of giclee printing came into being when the makers of Iris printers felt the need for a technology that could radically improve the quality of prints for the creation and examination of graphic design proofs. Consequently, this technique which finally seemed to match their requirements came to be known as giclee printing. And eventually because of the superior quality of the print, the technique came to be associated with fine art and was dubbed ‘giclee fine art printing’.

This technique of printing employs the use of multiple color cartridges to allow for an extensive range of color mixing and variations. Over time, the technique came to be associated with fine art because of the superior quality of the finished product. Giclee fine art prints then became popular with artists as well, though this was more because of the quality of the print than the economy of production.

Fine art giclee prints could be very expensive because with such prints the economy of scale comes into play in the case of graphic design where multiple copies of the print are useful. However, for fine art, artists would prefer to have fewer copies of the print in circulation as rarity contributes to the value of art. These limited edition giclee prints would not benefit from the benefit of the economies of wholesale production, hence costing a lot more than a bulk-printing order. There are, however, also another breed of artists who do put up many of their giclee prints for sale at exhibitions.

The artist, in that case, has decided to make affordable art available to the masses and will hence definitely transfer the benefit of cost reduction to the buyers. Affordable fine art giclee prints were hence more to the advantage of graphic designers and packaging companies.

High quality giclee art prints can hence be available in different style for different purposes. One can shoose from styles such as giclee prints on canvas, giclee wildlife prints or watercolor giclee prints to name a few options available.

Today, giclee prints can be made on printers manufactured by several top-of-the-line companies as the improved quality of print has a great demand. Some major companies that produce these printers are Kodak, Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Canon. These printers which may be either eight-color or twelve-color ink-jet printers are capable of producing superior quality prints.  Not only are these prints enhanced with superior color quality, they are also extremely high on detail and allow the manufacturer to provide this same quality irrespective of the size of the prints or the media on which the print is being created.

Because of the excellence of the finished product, it is not uncommon to see artistic giclee prints adorn the walls of museums.  This form of printing is popular in the media industry and has a special importance in the fields of advertising and graphic designing.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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