painting technique
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painting technique

Painting an artistic picture is more than just about adding color and decoration to a space. Art is a mode and means of depicting something, which could be an idea, an opinion, a cultural trend, a social evil or any subject that touches the artistís art. Good art has a way to create impressions in the mind of the viewer and hence the artist must use his or her skill to inspire others. The use of different materials and mediums has led to the adopting of various artistic styles and techniques.
A painting technique has a lot to do with its subject matter and how the artist wants to portray the image of his subject.

For instance, a painting may employ symbolism or may have mythological figures depicted on it. Besides the central theme, painting techniques and tools also vary with the material used. Oil painting techniques, for instance must take into account the fact that oil takes longer to dry, while acrylic painting techniques lend the painting durability and hence are useful to decorate household furniture and objects. On the other hand fabric painting techniques would necessitate the use of medium and specific brushes, while glass painting techniques would require the use of certain chemical staining agents.

The amount of time that an artist has to put into a project is also very relevant as for instance, watercolor painting techniques are such that the painting would be completed quicker than say a painting that requires the use of house painting techniques. Hence one should be careful to select artistic painting techniques as per their own individual requirements. In addition color and tone of a painting must also be carefully considered as they have special importance in art, not excluding decorative art. Certain colors, it should be remembered have time-tested mood-enhancing effects while others have come to be associated with certain moments in life.

The Tuscan painting techniques were a result of experimenting with various techniques through the art history of the northern part of Italy.  Tuscan art refers to an artistic style that developed in the Italian area of Tuscany which includes places like Florence, Sienna, Montepucciano, Pisa and Arrezo. In these places, terracotta rooftops and cypress trees form a regular feature of the landscape and clay and marble are popular media in art and architecture. Rooms in Tuscan homes are especially-crafted areas where proportion and balance has been taken into consideration while designing every aspect of the room.

It would be commonplace to find rooms in Tuscany which display elaborate decorative painting techniques for walls.  Intricate and artistic frescoes that wear the stamp of time are also usual elements of typical Tuscan interiors. Some of these vibrant paintings may depict scenes from ancient mythology and religion while still others may depict scenes that reveal the glory of the Roman Empire.  With artistic works by the likes of master artists like Michelangelo, Carvaggio and Boticelli adorning many Tuscan architectural monuments, Tuscany has a secure place in Italyís rich art history.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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