watercolor painting
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watercolor painting

It is a good idea to try out watercolors before you try oil paints. This is because after you have worked with water colors, working with oil paints seems much easier in comparison. However, this does not mean that it is difficult to work with watercolors either but the one factor that renders watercolor painting more difficult than painting with alternate media is that the color tends to dry very quickly and hence you cannot correct or alter your painting once the color has been used.

Another reason that it may be better to experiment with watercolors before other you decide to purchase watercolor paintings is because watercolors have a unique transparent quality unlike other paints, which are usually opaque. But both these points can be addressed by carefully thinking about and planning your project. Before you start a watercolor painting, carefully decide where which color will be and which areas will be left white.

And as any watercolor painting classes teacher will tell you, remember that the use of white space is very important in watercolor art. One of the basic watercolor painting techniques is to carefully avoid the areas you have earmarked to remain white and apply the colors of the lightest shades first, before applying darker shades. One should also start off with the area where color can be spread freely and leave the more intricate details or patterns for later.

Many artists prefer to make small thumbnail sketches to begin with. This helps you plan your painting and allows you the option of changing certain elements before you get started. This way the artist even has the option to get an idea of what the final product will look like. Accordingly, he or she can plan the coloring of the project properly.

Dark colors are often used in a modern watercolor painting to create dramatic effect around the centre of the object. For instance, in watercolor flower paintings, bright colors may be used for the flowers and sharply contrasting dark colors would be used around the flowers to enhance their beauty. In the same way landscape watercolor paintings are often enhanced by using dramatic colors in the sky.

Although oil paints are the usual medium of choice for many artists, most great artists have also experimented with watercolors. Original watercolor paintings of the masters and even of upcoming artists should not be deemed to have lower value than oil works. Just like with oil paintings, the price of watercolor original paintings is dictated by the theme and subject of the art as well as the size of the painting and the reputation of the artist. Naturally, the number of such paintings that are actually available is also important as with any art rarity raises the price. One can find watercolor paintings for sale at exhibitions at art galleries or can even find rare works of watercolor art at auctions. Because of the comparatively less durable medium used, watercolor art must be encased in glass to maintain their quality through time.

Author ~ Anjana Vaswani


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