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Chinese art

  Art which has originated in China or has Chinese Art.  Early Art dates back to millennia before Christ and included Neolithic pottery like that of the Yangshao culture, Qin sculpture, Jade culture like that which was practiced for about a century in the delta of the Yangtse river and casting in bronze which originated in the Zia Dynasty. Han poetry, Book Of Songs, Chi Ci (songs of chu – a poetic anthology) are examples of early Chinese music and literature.

Buddhism came into China during the 1st century A.D., to exert a significant influence on its arts for about 8 centuries after. This period was followed by what is called the ‘Golden Age of Chinese Poetry’. Yue Fu (poems composed in folk song style)is an example of the work of this period. Li Shangyin and Li Yu were great Chinese poets of the Tang Dynasty where Chinese painting also has its roots. Liang Ki was a painter of the Song Dynasty of China who addressed himself as “Madman Liang” and eventually turned into a Zen monk. The Ming Dynasty also produced some valuable art. When western style started being incorporated into that of Chinese origin, Modern Chinese Art was born. Socialist realism was reflected in the works of artists like Zhang Chongren, Huang Binhong, Chang Ta Chien and Fu Baashi who highlighted this period. Chinese opera was a famous theatre form of China. The Cantonese Opera of the Yuan Dynasty continues to this date.

Last but not the least, there is Chinese Contemporary Art which roughly started in 1979 and with the help of government support has been outstanding. Motion pictures (specially martial art movies), Chinese music – mainly hip-hop, Lion and Dragon dances, Chinese paper art, Manhua and calligraphy are some titles from a list which proves the excellent nature of Chinese Contemporary Art.


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