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contemporary art

  This form of art is of the post 1960 – modernist period. It was this period of the late 1900s which saw major socio-economic, cultural, political and also educational changes the world over, which undoubtedly influenced art, amongst many other productive fields.

The rigidity in defining types of art was lost to a large extent during this time and this is what came to define contemporary art. Its flexibility aside, contemporary art deals with issues directly related to its present day world.

Contemporary artists chose to highlight the idea or impulse behind their work rather than concentrate on the medium or method used. They unlike earlier artists were not deterred by the thought of using various media and techniques in combination. Open to experimentation, these people pioneered the concept of setting their audience thinking about the subject as the most important aim of the artwork.
Topics like racism, global warming, cloning and biotechnology, international politics,  human rights, spirituality and economics are reflected in the work of contemporary artists.

The advent of contemporary art marked the breaking of shackles by artists to move from the conventional inclination towards aesthetic beauty and purity to address subjects such as politics, which affect the lay man. This is what brought the common man closer to the artist who didn’t seem ‘high and mighty’ like an untouchable philosopher any more.



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