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Digital Art

  Art work created using computer technology is termed as digital art. This genre of art has existed right from the 1970’s, so to speak, but it actually began to stand on its own feet and catch the eye once computers came into widespread use which was in the late twentieth century. This was also the period during which modernized digital tools like new software, and equipments of various kinds having plenty of functions came into their own, especially in India.

It is not necessary that digital art is always completely generated from scratch by a computer. It is a versatile category which ranges from works which are computer-born like fractals to anything from another source which is modified using computers which could be an audio or video clip or simply a photograph.

Digital art provides great scope for special effects and manipulation. It allows an artist to play with creations from various fields of art and re-invent them to his liking to suit his vision with fewer pains. Digital art, with the help of prototyping, even embraces three dimensional art forms like sculpture. Neography and 3D graphics which are only two of the many sub-divisions of this vast field can do things unimaginable until they set foot into the world.

Like every debutante, digital art too has been a topic of debate and attracts good and bad will for itself. Those against digital art make points like - a computer s doing an artists work and such work can be reproduced a number of times thus making it less valuable which is argued against as a wrong notion, because if the artist makes it a point to erase the image file related to his work once printed the first time, it makes his piece unique and irreproducible.

A definite advantage of this type of art is that colours of prints are not expected to fade for almost a century with the printing technology of today. However, while digital modification and creation of music and videos, printing of photographs along with digital photography itself and also scanning have gained acceptance and ingrained themselves into the fabric of the art world, it is still reluctant to tie up the more conventional methods like painting, sketching and sculpture with it for fear of rendering the ‘medium’ worthless.


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