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tribal art

Tribal Arts comprise of traditional arts of tribal folks from all over the world. These are art objects and skills that are staggering in their range and aesthic quality. They are known and mastered by special tribes through the means of family traditions and values.  A Tribe is defined as a single unit of a socio-cultural group organization governing themselves. The group consists a number of families and form with a shared ancestry, cultural values and traditions.  Tribes are found all over the world with their special lifestyle, art and culture.

These Tribes are normally on the move and their art grows and evolves with their movements. Their creations are characterized by the ethos and landscape of their origin, crafted with the available material and traditional know-how and expressed visually. They are groups who share a deep intimacy with nature and their artistic sensibilities are tuned to the laws dictated by the environment.

Religious Traditions and legends are transferred on the face of the artifacts through tribal art. Gods and culture reign over their festivities and fairs. The distinct imprint of each community is found loud and clear on their respective works.

Tribal art cannot be distinguished from the creative life-style of its maker. Its representation is unique and infested with a rare sensitivity and consciousness. The minds of the artisans are full of humility and their imagination fired with the immense charm of mythology, epic legend and magic.

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